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Technology is a complex and growing industry. We strive to mitigate complexity, and maximize security, as part of our holistic approach to the services that we offer. It used to be that you would call the phone company for phone services, the security company for cameras and door control, and the electrician or low voltage company for cabling. However, today these solutions are all part of your network and present their own performance and cybersecurity challenges. By working with a single vendor, you can bring order to chaos, eliminate miscommunication, and ensure everything is properly secured.


Traditional phones are still a critical component of day-to-day operations for many businesses. However, the phones of today are not as they once were. With mobile app functionality, voicemail to email, integrations with physical security and line of business applications, and more, the modern phone system has grown in complexity, and with it, cybersecurity risk. Not only does CTS offer robust voice communication solutions, we make it easy, and keep it secure.

Low Voltage Cabling Solutions

Low voltage cabling, such at CAT5, CAT6, and fiber-optics, are the backbone of your network. Whether you are building a new building, remodeling, or simply experiencing network issues, CT Scan fulfill your low voltage cabling needs. Other IT companies are forced to outsource these services, compromising their quality, slowing down the process, and introducing finger pointing. By keeping these services in-house, we can take a more complete approach, ultimately resulting in a better solution and a better experience for our clients.

Physical Security

Surveillance and door control systems are important for the security of your facilities, the safety of your employees, and the protection of your assets. But modern systems are heavily integrated with your network and frequently introduce significant information security threats. Many traditional security companies do not possess the network and systems expertise to deploy these systems appropriately. Don’t call the security company to come and install a difficult to use system that may compromise your network, call CTS. We make it simple and secure.

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We take pride in offering a single vendor solution that can improve your security and user experience.

Traditional IT Services

In addition to the services listed above, CTS provides all the traditional IT solutions with a strong focus on security, ease of use, doing it right, and alignment with industry best practices. Through our key industry partnerships with HP, HPE, Lenovo, WatchGuard, Sophos, APC, Microsoft, and many others, we can leverage a broad range of expertise and best-of-breed products to meet your needs. Our passion is solving your problem.


Whether big or small, a network that doesn’t function or perform reliably is a major detriment to your organization’s productivity. While our focus is security, one of the pillars of security is availability, meaning that your network must meet the needs of the organization AND keep your systems secure. Leveraging the right solutions, at the right scale, we specialize in fixing broken networks and cleaning up messes, all while respecting your budget.


While the cloud is seeing broader adoption every day, it is not the answer to every question. Some services are not easily moved, do not perform as well, or are cost prohibitive to migrate to the cloud. Our focus is to do what is in the best interest of our clients, and sometimes that means leveraging on-premises server resources. Our team of experts and 20 year partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, allow us to design and deploy resilient and secure server solutions that your organization can depend on for years to come.


For the last 15 years, the industry has seen a significant shift to the cloud and CTS has remained at the forefront of that shift. However, the cloud presents unique challenges in both performance and cybersecurity. Much of cybersecurity is based on the proper configuration of systems, and the cloud is no different. Through our extensive training, robust procedures, and partnerships with Microsoft and other key cloud computing companies, we can ease your move to the cloud without putting your business at increased risk.

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